Campaign execution

Our team is equipped with detailed knowledge of marketing campaign execution process with different marketing tools.

We are experienced in executing marketing campaigns across platforms, languages and regions whenever and wherever you need. While we take care of day to day marketing campaign execution you can focus more on your marketing strategies and cut down the costs of campaign execution and also improve efficiency & results.

As Marketing Automation Consultants, we can help with all aspects of campaign strategy, execution and administration. Below are few examples of our Campaign Execution Services:

  • Campaign Production: Creating and deploying emails, web pages, forms and Nurture programs for your campaigns.
  • List Management: Segment your contact database, and uploading provided new lists with best practice.
  • QA: Through testing of all assets created.
  • Deployment: Performing & reviewing all necessary tasks to prepare and launch your campaign.
  • Reporting: Providing email, web page, form and campaign analysis reports, along with recommendations for further improvement.
  • Process Optimization: Working closely with you to optimize your marketing campaign processes and related activities.

Marketing Operations

Our marketing operations services CRM integration, Campaign management, Operations, Configuration and System Administration.

Below are few examples of our Marketing Operations Services:

  • CRM Integration: Our team have a deep knowledge of the Salesforce and major CRM systems. We can help to integrate your Marketing Automation Tool with CRM System to keep both the systems syncing with each other.
  • Configuration: Our team is experienced in configuring your Marketing Automation & CRM Tools so that you can get maximum out of these tools.
  • System Administration: We can act as a guardian of your working and live Marketing Automation system that must be monitored constantly.

Data Management

Over the years, We have provided many marketing database solutions. These solutions includes segmentation, acquiring, analysis of the marketing data and reporting.
Some of out Data Management Services are below:

  • Data Cleansing: Constantly amending/removing incomplete or incorrect data in your database that enables you to reach prospects along with saving database admins time and cost. This ensures data quality and helps you reach the right customers.
  • Data Verification and Validation: We can do email deliverability testing to identify whether or not an email address is valid and deliverable. Verifying data to ensure it is correct and consistent which ensures quality of the list so you are never blocked again from email servers.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Reporting and Analytics are keys to business success. Without these functions, strategy and planning are futile.

Lead Management

Our Lead Management Services will help you converting leads to contacts. We can help you align sales & marketing by defining & implementing best practices Lead Management Solutions.
Our various Lead Management Services are below:

  • Lead Generation: We can Increase and improve lead generation with dynamic landing pages, automated lead scoring, integrated social marketing, and easy-to-use SEO tool, and more.
  • Lead Nurturing: Our team can help you preparing & executing your Lead Nurturing campaigns to keep your prospects & customers engaged.
  • Lead Scoring: We can implement a best practice Lead Scoring model for you. Upon testing, we can optimize that model to perfection. Automatic Behavioral and Demographic scoring can help you prioritize your leads based on sales-ready attributes and behaviors.


Our development services helps organizations in development, integration, and alignment of applications with their business needs. These applications can support entire business processes in complex scenarios and for dynamic business requirements. Our Development Services includes:

  • Web Development: Get your new site going with our helpful support on everything; from UI to Development.
  • Microsites: Develop small microsites with the existing company website retaining the overall look and feel.
  • API Integrations: Our team can help you integrate with various third party systems using the API solutions.
  • Custom Application Development: We can help you building applications to match your specific requirements.


Our designers at Third Eye Automation have worked with many companies and enabled them to engage prospects and increase engagement & subsequent conversions. We design creative, detailed, well-thought, and striking responsive web & mobile assets, infographics, images, videos, marketing collaterals, animations and more. Our design services covers:

  • Email Templates: Our team is experience in creating Email Templates that match your website design & viewable on any device with responsive design. Whether it’s a Newsletter, Invitation, Confirmation, Thank you or any type of Email Template we can help you design them in any Marketing Automation Tool with best practice.
  • Landing Pages: We can help you creating landing pages which are highly converting and dynamic. Over the years we have developed many type of Landing Page Designs which support Mobile & other devices with responsive layouts.
  • New Website: Our team can help you creating a new responsive website that meets your business needs.
  • Ebooks & Whitepapers: We can helo you design excellent collateral including e-books, case studies, datasheets, white papers,blog posts, brochures, and more.
  • Banners & Ads: We can help you creating banners, ads in any format which can fit your markting needs.

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